Yaxwiwe' or Raven frontlet, mirror pieces for eyes and around face, cloth and feather head band, sea lion whisker atop
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Raven Frontlet

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This frontlet has been created in the Bella Coola style and has been inlaid with mirror to mimic abalone or mica, traditional materials which reflect the fire light and add to the mask’s dramatic appearance. The sea lion whiskers on top hold eagle down which floats when the dancer performs.

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Wood, Cedar; Paint; Glass, Mirrors; Baleen Whale; Hide, Mountain Goat


33.0 cm x 22.0 cm x 32.0 cm

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Physical Description

Crudely carved Bella Coola style frontlet with a raven motif. It has a flat carving with a long projecting pointed beak. It is painted overall in Reckitt’s blue, which is common on Bella Coola pieces. There are two round pieces of mirror set for the eyes. 13 pieces of mirror are inlayed on the red rim. Attached to the frontlet is cotton cloth with a strip of goat hide. Whale baleen is tied to the top rim. Black, blue, red.