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Project Team

Sarah Holland,

Juanita Johnson,
Collections Manager

Trevor Isaac,
Education and Collections Assistant

Joseph Isaac,
Business Manager

Barb Cranmer,

Brent Craven,
Film Editing

Quentin Ehrmann-Curat,

Educational Consultants

Irene Isaac
Donna Cranmer

Kwak´wala Language Consultants

Pewi Alfred

Project Design and Development

Synthescape Art Imaging

Darin Freitag,
Managing Director

Cora Cohlmeyer,
Art Director

Jonathan Cohlmeyer,
Technical Director

Yuhan Hu,
Graphic Arts Technician

Maciek Linowski,
Director of Photography

Many thanks to the Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of the American Indian for their permission to use excerpts from their excellent educational resource, "The Kwakwaka’wakw: A Study of a North Pacific Coast People and the Potlatch."