Yaxwiwe' or Beaver Headdress, beaver on frontlet shown with twig in mouth, tail rising above, long ermine and cloth head cover, sea lion whisker crown
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Beaver Headdress

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Frontlets worn in Tła’sala or Peace Dances are often called Chiefs’ headdresses because only the highest-ranking people would wear these special and elaborate carvings. There are many frontlets in the Potlatch Collection, and this one was carved by celebrated artist Mungo Martin. The crown is made from whale baleen. When this frontlet is worn for dancing, the crown holds eagle down, which floats to the Big House floor to symbolize peace.

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Fabric; Hide, Ermine; Wood; Paint; Feathers; Bark, Cedar; Whale Baleen


127.0 cm x 37.5 cm x 37.5 cm

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Physical Description

Five-sided beaver frontlet carved from red cedar. The beaver is carved to project out and it is holding a stick in its teeth. It is attached to a cedar bark headband covered with wool. Attached to the wool are orange, purple and yellow feathers. Whale baleen is sewn to the cedar bark headband. There is also a cotton train. Attached to the cotton are ermine pelts with red ribbons tied to their feet. The back of the train also features three pieces of red fabric displaying different patterns: strips at the top, a clover pattern and egg shape at the bottom. There is also a sea lion whisker crown. White, red, green, black, orange, purple, yellow.