Yaxwiwe' or Hawk Headdress, abalone shell encircles hawk face on frontlet, feathers and sea lion whiskers above and at sides, long ermine and cotton train
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Hawk Headdress

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Wood; Fabric; Hide, Ermine; Bark, Cedar; Feathers; Whale Baleen; Shell, Abalone


126.0 cm x 49.0 cm x 126.0 cm

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Physical Description

Headdress with a frontlet and ermine train for Chief's Dancing. The frontlet is carved from red cedar to represent a hawk. The rim has nine rectangular abalone pieces attached. The nostrils of the beak are also decorated with two teardrop-shaped abalone. The eyes are inlaid abalone buttons. The beak, eye sockets and eyelids are painted dark green. Attached to the carving is a hat. A wide piece of woven cedar bark is sewn to the back of the hat. There is a cotton train approximately 88 cm long. The outside of the train is white; the inside features a striped pattern. The rim of the hat is covered with ermine. There are eight ermine furs sewn to the train. Six of the ermine have red ribbons tied around their paws. Attached to the rim of the headdress are various types and colours of feathers. White, blue, black, red, green, purple, orange, brown.