A small and mostly white-washed masked, ghostly appearance, thin pursed lips, pale while markings for eyes, absent of eyeholes and nostrils, lacks trim
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Dance of the Forest Spirits Mask


T´sandigan ’Nage’, Harry Mountain, Mamalilikala (Village Island)


Mungo Martin

Catalogue Information


Wood, Red Cedar; Paint


34.0 cm

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Physical Description

Atłak´ima Mask recorded as belonging to Harry Mountain from the Mamalilikala. The mask is carved from one piece of red cedar and whitewashed and unfinished. It could have been made in haste for a potlatch and was not completed in time for the dance and was worn as is. However, there are no harness attachments to indicate that it was ever worn. The mask is very full and round in shape; it is bold in structure and along with the thickness of the eyebrows, suggests that the character of the mask is male. The eyebrows are the only area left without white paint. The eyes had originally been painted with black irises and pupils but have been whitewashed over as if the eyes were to be redesigned. There is, possibly, an earlier red paint layer showing through on the lower edge of the nose. The mask has a long closed mouth that is almost expressionless and the other facial features are quite common, making it hard to determine what forest spirits character this mask could be. The mask has no cedar bark trim, but written on the inside of the back of the mask in pencil is “Mountain” and its whitewashing indicates that it is a spirit and probably belongs to the Atłak´ima masks of Harry Mountain. The technique and layout of the carving of the mask strongly resembles the work of Mungo Martin.