Atłak´ima or imitator mask, mostly white washed with bulging hinged eyes, red paint lips and around nostrils, thick black eyebrows and cedar bark trim
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Imitator Mask


T´sandigan ’Nage’, Harry Mountain, Mamalilikala (Village Island)

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Wood, Red Cedar; Paint; Bark, Red Cedar; Cedar; Metal, Iron


37.7 cm

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Physical Description

This very elongated mask is typical of Atłak´ima Listener masks, particularly the bulging swiveling eyes that are made to characterize a being that sees everything and is able to capture all aspects of the behaviour of others. The white-washing of the mask represents the spiritual quality of the characters, as they are spirits that come from the forest. The mask is carved from three pieces of red cedar and it is completely whitewashed. The eyebrows, irises and pupils are painted black. The nostrils and wide lips are painted red. The protruding eyes are made separately and attached to the head with cords that are secured with nails. The mask is decorated with red and un-dyed cedar bark indicating its place in the T´seka ceremonies. What remains of a long cedar bark fringe is knotted to strips of fabric nailed to the top of the head, and hangs down the back of the mask. There are traces of plants still tied to the fringe.