A raven headdress, dark appearance, hinged beak with green paint around eyes, red trim around beak and nostrils with thin and worn cedar trim
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Raven Headdress

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55.0 cm

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Physical Description

Raven headdress carved from red cedar in two parts: the lower jaw made separately and hinged to the head with cord. The lower jaw was manipulated by means of a long cord. Nailed to the top of the head is a short fringe of cedar bark. Tied to the lower edges are the remains of a long cedar bark fringe. Nailed to the inside of the back of the mask are the broken remnants of a band of baleen, which would have originally encircled the wearers head. Two long harness ties made from strips of white cloth are tied to the back edges of the mask. The carving is painted black, red and green with negative spaces left unpainted.