Tłagakwaxawa'yi or neck ring, woven and twisted circular band of red cedar bark with tassels attached in four bundles
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Neckring - Cedar Bark Regalia

Cedar Bark regalia is sacred and used in all except one of the Kwakwaka’wakw ceremonies. Although they may appear the same, each object is unique and is only used for specific dances.

Catalogue Information


Bark, Cedar; Fibre, Thread

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Physical Description

Cedar bark neckring, comprised of a large padded ring, bound in a pattern of overlapping spirals with twisted cedar bark cords. The padding appears to consist of cedar bark, lined with blanket material. Four fringes of long twisted cedar bark cords are sewn or tied to the ring with white string. A fifth fringe comprised of long and short strands of twisted cedar bark, both red-dyed and natural-coloured, is sewn to a piece of red cloth and loosely tied to the ring with cord. All the other cedar bark, both in the fringes and in the ring, are dyed red. Small tufts of red stroud cloth have been woven into the upper ends of some of the fringe cords. The fringe cords are knotted to prevent them unravelling. Tufts of bird down clings to some of the fringe cords. National Museum of Man catalogue number written on a tag attached to the ring. Red, brown.