Tłakwa Copper, small and short in size, fine condition with three rows of chevron pattern decoration below an embossed cross shape
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Metal, Copper; Paint

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Physical Description

T´łakwa Copper. According to George Hunt’s notes, the name of the copper is T´salkwagila or Heat Maker. This copper is small in size compared to other coppers in the Potlatch Collection. It has been pounded and shaped to include a risen T or backbone. The majority of the copper is painted black. A round moon design left in the natural copper color decorates the upper part of the Copper (its “face”). The slanted lines (the “ribs”) of the lower panels and the decorative U-shapes around the rim of the copper’s face are painted a yellowish-cream colour which appears to have been added later. The name given for the copper seems inappropriate relating to its design. Normally a copper with a design on its face depicting a moon would carry a name that would be related to the moon. Black, cream, copper.