A Dzunuk´wa or wild woman of the woods mask, deep carved, dark paint with red lips cheek and ears, holes drilled in scalp where hair had been attached
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Speaker Staff with Skull

Catalogue Information


Speaker Staff: Wood, Cedar; Bark, Cedar; Metal, Copper; Metal, Iron

Skull: Wood, Alder; Bark, Cedar; Metal, Iron


Speaker Staff: 174.0 cm x 12.8 cm

Skull: 16.8 cm x 15.0 cm x 13.0 cm

Accession Number

Speaker Staff: 83.01.041

Skull: 83.01.059

Physical Description

Speaker Staff: Carved, wooden staff with a single totemic figure on the bottom, five coppers and a carved wooden skull, which sits atop the staff. The bottom figure is a Dzunuk´wa with a wooden copper nailed to its chest and no feet. The bottoms of both legs have two nail holes each and are painted black, as though the feet, which were added to the piece, have now gone missing. The arms appear to be slightly articulated although this could be due to the nails loosening. The Dzunuk´wa is bolted to the staff through the back.

Skull: Carved, wooden skull, which sits atop the staff (83.01.041). The skull is carved from two pieces of wood, joined together in the centre.