Haietlik or serpent mask, long open-box shape, richly decorated with yellow, pale blue, black and red markings, cedar bark head cover at back
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Wood; Hair, Human; Fabric; Metal, Nails; String


27.5 cm x 21.0 cm x 59.0 cm

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Physical Description

Haietlik mask representing a lightning snake. The shape roughly forms a long open box, with flat sides converging slightly towards the nose. The teeth are cut out in fretted carving. The circles, U shapes and complex patterns at the top and back are also fretted, the carving is damaged and missing at places. Hanging down from the top, at the back of the mask, is a fringe of shredded cedar bark and bundles of long brown hair. These are tied to the upper bracing stick. Strips of material are also tied to the underside for use in rigging the mask. Black, blue, red, yellow, white.