Tłagakwaxawa'yi or neck ring, part of cedar bark regalia, two bands of woven and twisted cedar bark cords in oval shape with four groups of tasseled cords
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Neckring - Cedar Bark Regalia

Cedar Bark regalia is sacred and used in all except one of the Kwakwaka’wakw ceremonies. Although they may appear the same, each object is unique and is only used for specific dances.

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Bark, Cedar; Fibre, Cotton

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Hamat´sa cedar bark neck ring comprised of two rings sewn together. The rings are made from twisted cedar bark wrapped around a firm core, displaying an S slant on the outside ring, and a Z slant on the inside one. Twisted cedar bark 'tassels' hang from four different points of the outside ring. The cords making up the tassels are attached in the middle so that both sides hang down, the ends are knotted to maintain the twist.