Large and complex four-headed mask, main dominant head, one smaller head above and two smaller heads protrude, all of similar shape with cedar braids and fringe
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Mugwamł – Four-faced Mask

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The Mugwamł is an unusual type of bird-servant mask. The multiple birds on this mask represent all of the different bird-servants of the Man-Eater. This mask is rarely seen and belongs to only a few Kwakwaka’wakw families.


Mungo Martin

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Wood; Feather; Bark, Cedar; Fibre; Paint


61.0 cm x 34.3 cm x 91.4 cm

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Physical Description

Large Crooked beak mask with short, broad beak and big flaring nostrils. The nose presents a short, curved frill covered along the rim with cedar bark fringe. The mask is similarly covered with cedar bark along the rim. On top of the head are three smaller bird heads, one on the front, two on the back. Some feathers decorate the top. Black, white and red.