A Yadan or rattle in the shape of a bird, one of a group, carved in cedar, black with green and red markings
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We know very little about these rattles. They have a strong resemblance to the rattles of the people from the West Coast of Vancouver Island and may represent a bird called an Oyster Catcher.


Kwaxala’nukwame’, Amos Dawson, Mamalilikala (Village Island)

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Wood, Cedar; Paint; Fibre, Cotton


41.6 cm

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Physical Description

Bird rattle carved out of one piece of red cedar and split in two to form its two hollowed-out halves. The sections are bound with a strip of white cloth around the handle. Carved in the form of a bird, with a head but no other appendages, the rattle is painted overall (except for the handle) in black, red, and blue-green to represent the body, wings and legs. There is a white bloom on the paint surface on the underside. Black, green, red, natural wood, white.