Image of a darkened corner in the Potlatch Gallery with a cedar chest visible in the foreground. Corner of the Potlatch Gallery showing a large cedar post and a group of wolf masks. Corner of the Potlatch Gallery showing a group of masks and headdresses from the potlatch collection View from the west end of the Potlatch Gallery showing the north side and entrance wall.

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Łałk´uxwiwe’ - Mallard headdress

Colour photograph shows a pair of mallard headdresses shot against a black background

Mallard headdresses are mostly worn by women in the Big House. Both of these mallard headdresses are carved from nine pieces of alder. Not much is known about these particular mallard headdresses which were mistakenly recorded as loons. This lack of reliable documentation and loss of knowledge exposes the long-term legacy of the Potlatch Ban and represents its enduring impact on the Kwakwaka’wakw people.

Owner: Hiłamas, “Captain John” Speck, Ławit´sis (Turnour Island)