Image of a darkened corner in the Potlatch Gallery with a cedar chest visible in the foreground. Corner of the Potlatch Gallery showing a large cedar post and a group of wolf masks. Corner of the Potlatch Gallery showing a group of masks and headdresses from the potlatch collection View from the west end of the Potlatch Gallery showing the north side and entrance wall.

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Cedar Bark and Secret Societies

Colour photograph of Nułamał - Fool Mask against black background

Left: Nułamałagamł - Fool Mask (Nułamał Secret Society)

Right: Galugaza’yi – Crooked- Beak-of-Heaven (Hamat´sa Secret Society)

Cedar bark is used to make many different types of ceremonial clothing. Different secret societies use distinctive colours and styles of bark. Sometimes the cedar-bark clothing is left undyed or dyed red or sometimes both colours are used together.