Image of a darkened corner in the Potlatch Gallery with a cedar chest visible in the foreground. Corner of the Potlatch Gallery showing a large cedar post and a group of wolf masks. Corner of the Potlatch Gallery showing a group of masks and headdresses from the potlatch collection View from the west end of the Potlatch Gallery showing the north side and entrance wall.

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T´sandigan ’Nage’ - Harry Mountain

Black and white photograph of Tsandigam Nege' - Harry Mountain wearing cedar regalia standing beside child in button blanket

Chief Harry Mountain with ‘Nuladi

Harry Mountain was an important Chief from 'Mim'kwamlis (Village Island.) His last name literally means “mountain” to reflect his high-status as a Chief. When the Indian Agent charged participants after Dan Cranmer’s 1921 potlatch, Mountain surrendered his potlatch regalia so that the people from his village would not have to go to jail. You can see many of his family’s dance masks on display here which include some of the oldest pieces at U’mista.