Image of a darkened corner in the Potlatch Gallery with a cedar chest visible in the foreground. Corner of the Potlatch Gallery showing a large cedar post and a group of wolf masks. Corner of the Potlatch Gallery showing a group of masks and headdresses from the potlatch collection View from the west end of the Potlatch Gallery showing the north side and entrance wall.

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Yadan - Rattle

Colour photograph of Yadan - Rattle shot against black background

This large rattle is a Chief’s rattle used for important rituals where chanting is involved such as the T´seka or Winter Ceremonies. The crest painted on the face of the rattle is a whale which is an important crest belonging to the Mamalilikala (Village Island) nation. Inside the rattle are round trade beads.

Owner: Kwaxalanukwame’, Johnny Drabble, Dzawada’enuxw (Kingcome Inlet)