View of north side of the Potlatch Gallery, ceremonial regalia mounted along the wall to the right of the viewer. Image shows a section of the north side of the Potlatch Gallery in which a speaker’s staff, a dzunakwa mask, four mourning masks and two copper shields are displayed. Image of a corner of the Potlatch Gallery close to the entrance View of the entrance wall at the east end of the Potlatch Gallery.

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Gikamł dłu K´aldayu - Chief’s Mask & Copper Breaker

Still photograph of Gi'kamł Dłu Kaldayu - Chief's Mask & Copper Breaker against black background

The Gikamł represents a male Dzunuk´wa or Giant of the Forest. There are two types of Dzunuk´wa masks: one for dancing, which is most often female, and another that is not danced, but, presented by Chiefs to indicate their status and wealth. This dagger with a Dzunuk´wa face is a copper breaker, it is used to ceremonially break a copper shield.

Owner (mask): Kwaxala’nukwame’, Amos Dawson, Mamalilikala (Village Island)

Owner (breaker): Hiłamas, “Captain John” Speck, Ławit´sis (Turnour Island)

Gikamł dłu K´aldayu