View of north side of the Potlatch Gallery, ceremonial regalia mounted along the wall to the right of the viewer. Image shows a section of the north side of the Potlatch Gallery in which a speaker’s staff, a dzunakwa mask, four mourning masks and two copper shields are displayed. Image of a corner of the Potlatch Gallery close to the entrance View of the entrance wall at the east end of the Potlatch Gallery.

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Imas - Ancestor Spirit

Still photograph of Imas - Ancestor Spirit against black background

The Imas is the founding ancestor of a ̕namima or extended family group. The Imas mask and dance represents a direct link between the living family and their first ancestor. At a memorial potlatch, the Imas is shown. It is believed that the spirit of the ancestor is present to witness and validate the transfer of all the deceased person’s privileges to their inheritor.

Owner: ’Maxwalagalis, Isaac Abraham, Mamalilikala (Village Island)

Owner: Hiłamas, Ned Alvin Innis, ’Namgis (Alert Bay)