View of north side of the Potlatch Gallery, ceremonial regalia mounted along the wall to the right of the viewer. Image shows a section of the north side of the Potlatch Gallery in which a speaker’s staff, a dzunakwa mask, four mourning masks and two copper shields are displayed. Image of a corner of the Potlatch Gallery close to the entrance View of the entrance wall at the east end of the Potlatch Gallery.

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Yak´antp´ik - Talking Stick

Still photograph of Yakantpik - Talking Stick against black background

When making a speech, the speaker will gesture with his talking stick or pound it on the floor to give emphasis to his words. This talking stick is the only artefact in this room that does not belong to the Potlatch Collection.

Donated by Lorne Balshine- Gilakas’la