Hamat´sa Worksheet

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  1. Who possesses the Hamat´sa dancer?
  2. What do the whistles represent at the beginning of the Hamat´sa ceremony?
  3. What do the attendants do?
  4. Name two of the Hamsamala.
  5. How many parts are there of the Hamat´sa dance?
  6. List them below and using the information on the fact sheet, fill in the blanks:
    • Hamat´sa initiate wears:
      • 1st:
      • 2nd:
      • 3rd: Dance of the Hamsamala - bird attendants of the Hamat´sa
      • 4th
  7. Using the Virtual Tour, find an example of each of the three different kinds of Hamsamala.
    1. What colours are used to paint the masks?
    2. Do the masks have cedar bark on them?
    3. Is there a Huxwhukw (long beaked mask)?