T´seka Worksheet

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  1. How can you tell if a dancer is part of the T´seka?
  2. Name two of the supernatural beings that would live around the villages at winter time.
  3. Circle the photographs below that are dances belonging to the T´seka.

    Black and white photograph shows large group of potlatchers wearing ceremonial regalia in a big house.
    Black and white photograph of two young men in cedar bark regalia, neck rings, woven hat and dance apron.
    Young male dancer in black face paint wearing regalia comprised of a fur cape and thunderbird frontlet with cedar bark trim.
    Three men in regalia dance around a fire, behind them a group of masked men stand before a painted screen and totem poles.
  4. T´seka Research
    • With a partner choose one of the T´seka masks from the Potlatch Collection (using the Virtual Tour) and take 10 minutes to find out two facts about this mask. (i.e. – the name of the mask and what does it represent, who made it, who did it belong to, etc.).
    • Oral presentation. Now share with the rest of the class the information that you have found about your T´seka mask.