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The Needs of Living Things

A living thing’s habitat, the place where it lives, needs to include all things necessary for survival. Some living things can get everything they need in a very small space, but some need a much larger area to live. Not only do sizes of habitats vary, but they also exist within one another. For example, a wolf’s habitat may be a forest, but within that forest there could be a cave that is the habitat of a bear. Within that cave there could be a rotting cedar tree that would be the habitat to many insects. Regardless of the size or location, the habitat must provide all the necessities of life. Discuss with students, “ How do you think a wolf meets its basic needs?”

Think of the things that are necessary for life to exist. In the space below list all of the things that living things need in order to survive.

Think about the needs of all the living things in your geographic area. Draw the habitat of one of the “living things.” Be sure to include everything that the species would need in order to survive.