Audio Clips

Wolf - Pauline Alfred

The wolf dance is a big dance. I am come from the Musga’makw, and only certain people can dance the wolf dance. There are big wolf headpieces, That a person owns, and they have their own song that goes with it. The younger wolves can dance this dance also. It is a beautiful dance. When the deluge took place, the wolves knew there was going to be a deluge and they grabbed their treasure boxes and they put it on top of the mountain. When the deluge was over they thought they were only the two wolves left in the world “Kawadilikala and Kwalili” from Kingcome and Wakeman Sound. They thought they were the only ones alive left in this world. So, Kawadilikala began to howl. He howled towards the north, east, south and west. In one of those directions a wolf answered him. The wolf that answered him was from Quatsino. So, Kawadilikala was happy to know that they were not the only survivors.


Lamisan’s gwagwix’sala xa U’ligan. ‘Walasux da ‘Yaxwała’ine ugwakux da U’liganx. K´inamida ‘namukwalagalił ‘yaxwa sux da U’liganx. ’Nałnam la’am ‘namukwalagaliłi da “yihi”. ‘Waladzi ‘yaxw’ine’ sa t´sadax. ‘Wał’amxi “yihi” da bibagwanam. ‘Weł’am xawis k´i’molida “yihi”. He’am gwibałatsux da U’ligan. ‘Walasi ika k´amdamesa ‘namukwalagalił xa “yihi”. ‘Walasux ‘yaxwała’ina’yux da U’ligan.